Sino-African Relations: For Better or For Worse?

Linda-Ann Akanvou weighs the pros and cons of Sino-African economic relations.

Authentic Desires and Internal Constraints

Kaini Li discusses the philosophical aspect of freedom and how it plays an integral part in international affairs.

Cash Transfers and External Aid: Can the Developed World Effectively Foster Development?

Natalie Schreffler discusses the effectiveness of cash transfers in the developing world.

Obama’s Trip to Africa: Dancing to the African Beat?

Rob Mukahlera evaluates the purpose and significance of President Obama’s recent trip to Africa.

We Lend You Peace!

In the op-ed by Jin Ju Kim, she discusses the impact mercenaries have had, especially in Sierra Leone.

Uhuru Kenyatta: Murderer and President?

Photo Credit: Simon Maina / AFP / Getty Images[1]  By: Garrett Redfield Uhuru Kenyatta is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. He was also just elected President of Kenya. Does something seem wrong with this picture? How is it possible for a man accused of “murder, deportation or forcible transfer […]

The Terminator: Bosco Ntaganda

Photo Credit: Lionel Healing/AFP/Getty Images[1] By: Garrett Redfield Bosco Ntaganda is a General in the army in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was “born in 1973 [and] grew up in Rwanda.” When he turned 17, he became a soldier, fighting “in both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.” He was also a wanted […]

The Starbucks Delusion

In the editorial by Natalie Schreffler, she discusses the controversy surrounding Starbucks Ethos Water campaign.

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