Sochi Olympics Affected by Russia’s Gay-Discriminating Laws

Photo Credit: Associated Press[1] By: Yang Liu On December 20, the White House announced that the United States’ delegation to the Sochi Winter Olympics will not include any family member of President Obama’s family or active Cabinet secretary. This makes the Sochi Olympics the first Olympics since 2000 to which the U.S. is not sending […]

Authentic Desires and Internal Constraints

Kaini Li discusses the philosophical aspect of freedom and how it plays an integral part in international affairs.

The Characteristics of the Legal Regulation Regarding the Concept of Mediation in Kazakhstan

Alimbekova Madina Amangeldina discusses the complexities of mediation relevant to the legal system in Kazakhstan.

Biys as the Guardians of Legal Culture of the Kazakh People

Alimbekova Madina Amangeldina discusses the position of biys in the history of the Kazakh nation.

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