How the Ukraine Crisis Has Affected Arguments For and Against Exporting American Natural Gas

Richard Guerra explores US natural gas export procedure in relation to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Event Review: Liberty in North Korea

Garrett Redfield reviews the event by Liberty in North Korea, held at the Pennsylvania State University.

The Globalization of Competition Law: Uncertainty of Enforcement and the Google Case Study

Aaron L. Schwartz looks at cases Google faces regarding national competition laws.

Sino-African Relations: For Better or For Worse?

Linda-Ann Akanvou weighs the pros and cons of Sino-African economic relations.

Going Global: English Proficiency and Business Competitiveness in Japan

Marina Kurokawa discusses arguments for and against better English proficiency in Japan.

To Thai Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck: Foreign Policies Are Not Panaceas

Photo Credit: The Royal Thai Government[1] By: Yang Liu Since being elected Prime Minister of Thailand, Ms. Yingluck has been the center of “Yingluck fever” which has spread beyond Thailand to other countries. Her beautiful, casual but groomed image not only earned her a considerable number of Yingluck fans, but is also widely considered to […]

Cash Transfers and External Aid: Can the Developed World Effectively Foster Development?

Natalie Schreffler discusses the effectiveness of cash transfers in the developing world.

The U.S. Government Shutdown Damaged America’s Standing In The International Community

Richard Guerra looks at how the international community views the U.S. after its recent government shutdown.

Obama’s Trip to Africa: Dancing to the African Beat?

Rob Mukahlera evaluates the purpose and significance of President Obama’s recent trip to Africa.

The Arduous Search for Energy Independence in Chile

Marcela Velez discusses the ways Chile is addressing its energy challenges.

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