Feature: Being Muslim from the eyes of the world within America

Zehra Çayıroğlu What is it like to be Muslim in America? I’m not exactly sure where to start with answering this question, but I believe it’s best to start by answering what it’s like to be a Muslim in a country where Islam is the dominant religion, my homeland: Turkey.

Authentic Desires and Internal Constraints

Kaini Li discusses the philosophical aspect of freedom and how it plays an integral part in international affairs.

Saudi Arabia, the UN Security Council, and the Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations

Chloé Maiers discusses Saudi Arabia’s rejection of the UNSC seat and how it reflects on the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

Iran Changing Course on Nukes? Establishing a Legal Framework for Nuclear Negotiations with Iran’s New Leadership

Ben Haight discusses how the U.S. should use diplomacy when dealing with Iran.

More Than Just Money: United States’ Aid Package to Egypt

Ross Clark explores the military aid relationship between the United States and Egypt.

Three Questions Congress Must Ask on Syria

Photo Credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images[1] By: Scott Stedjan President Obama surprised many in the foreign policy world last week when he decided to seek Congressional authorization for a military strike against Syria. Some in Congress welcomed the decision, while others, such as Congressman Peter King (R-NY) argued that “President Obama is abdicating his responsibility as […]

Interview: Middle East Expert Dr. John L. Esposito

Executive Editor Garrett Redfield interviewed Middle East expert Dr. John L. Esposito to get his insights on the Middle East.

Escalating Interventions in Syria and the Prospects of Unity

Jacob Pester provides analysis regarding the complexities of the Syrian conflict and prescribes a set of recommendations.

Dead Man Walking

Matthew Ceccato analyzes the various challenges of U.S. intervention in Syria.

Peace Is All But Crucial

Jacob Pester gives an in-depth analysis on the recent Israeli election.

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