United States District Court Case Provides Potential for Paradigm Shift in Surveillance Practices

James N. Hendershot discusses the importance of Klayman v. Obama decision regarding future National Security Agency surveillance practices.

How the Ukraine Crisis Has Affected Arguments For and Against Exporting American Natural Gas

Richard Guerra explores US natural gas export procedure in relation to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Perspectives on Film: Bollywood and International Copyright Infringement

Richard Guerra discusses the relationship between Hollywood and Bollywood regarding copyright law.

Event Review: Liberty in North Korea

Garrett Redfield reviews the event by Liberty in North Korea, held at the Pennsylvania State University.

The Globalization of Competition Law: Uncertainty of Enforcement and the Google Case Study

Aaron L. Schwartz looks at cases Google faces regarding national competition laws.

The USA FREEDOM Act: Proposed Reform and the Absolute Importance of the Act’s Proposed Office of Special Advocate

Photo Credit: Boundless Informant[1] (Map indicating the amount of data the NSA collects worldwide.  Red indicates that a country is most subject to surveillance while green indicates that a country is least subject to surveillance.  The USA FREEDOM Act responds to the practice of collecting the private data of Americans.) By James N. Hendershot As […]

Authentic Desires and Internal Constraints

Kaini Li discusses the philosophical aspect of freedom and how it plays an integral part in international affairs.

Cash Transfers and External Aid: Can the Developed World Effectively Foster Development?

Natalie Schreffler discusses the effectiveness of cash transfers in the developing world.

Modernizing the Convening Authority: Striking a Balance Between Command Control And Individual Rights Under the UCMJ

Ben Haight looks at some possible reforms for the U.S. military judicial system.

Saudi Arabia, the UN Security Council, and the Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations

Chloé Maiers discusses Saudi Arabia’s rejection of the UNSC seat and how it reflects on the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

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