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Changes for summer 2015 and beyond

For most of the history of the PSIWA program, we have partnered with the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium to deliver our workshops, but for a number of reasons beyond our control (and theirs), 2014 was the final year of our partnership.  Beginning with the summer of 2015, we have been working with CIU #10 to deliver our workshops, which will require several changes.

The biggest change is that we will not be regularly offering graduate credit for the workshops any longer. Through CIU, Act 48 hours will be available for PA teachers.  If graduate credit or another type of certification would be useful for us to offer, please contact us and we will consider any request.

Participants will apply on-line at this website, and all those who are accepted will register on-line through the CIU website in order to receive their Act 48 hours.  There will be a $100 registration fee that will be due prior to the workshop.  Details about registration will be emailed to all those accepted by May 1, 2016.

(Updated Feb 24, 2016)