Teaching Resources

We encourage all workshop attendees, but in particular those teachers from Pennsylvania, to join the Pennsylvania Earth Science Teacher’s Association (PAESTA).  Membership is free!  It is open to teachers of all grade levels, and it is not restricted to teachers certified in Earth & Space.

We always maintain a list of useful links that are demonstrated or mentioned during each of our workshops.  In recent years, we have migrated to collecting these using diigo.com because of the ability for everyone to share and for questions and answers to be posted.

Here is the Diigo group created for this workshop:

Here are the links to resources from past workshops:

Penn State offers an on-line M.Ed. program in Earth Science which includes a required Astronomy course taught by Dr. Palma.  Information on applying is at the Dutton Institute site.  Many of the course materials are available without registration via the Open Educational Resources Initiative.

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