The Society holds conferences annually within North America and periodically in other parts of the world. These bring together leading researchers scientifically investigating questions related to conflict and peace from all over the world. Recent North American meetings have been held at the following locations:

1990 Rutgers University 1991 University of Michigan
1992 University of Pittsburgh 1993 Syracuse University
1994 University of Illinois 1995 Ohio State University
1996 Rice University/Texas A&M University 1997 Indiana University
1998 Rutgers University 1999 University of Michigan
2000 Yale University 2001 Emory University
2002 University of Arizona 2003 University of Michigan
2004 Rice University 2005 University of Iowa
2006 Ohio State University 2007 University of South Carolina
2008 Claremont Graduate University 2009 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2010 University of North Texas 2011 University of Southern California
2012 Peace Science Society (in Savannah, GA) 2013 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2014 University of Pennsylvania 2015 University of Mississippi
2016 University of Notre Dame 2017 Arizona State
2018 The University of Texas
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