Individual Membership

Membership in the Peace Science Society (International) is open to all individuals. Regular membership in the Society costs $60 per year, while students need pay only $12 per year to be members. Membership in the Peace Science Society confers the following benefits:

  • Subscription to CMPS
  • Opportunity to subscribe to Journal of Peace Research at a reduced rate
  • Opportunity to subscribe to the Journal of Conflict Resolution at a substantially reduced rate
  • Reduced registration fee at the Society’s annual meeting
  • Opportunity to be exposed to and to participate in seminal research on vital issues of war and peace
  • Discount for University of Michigan Press publications

Please note that membership follows the calendar year. If you join mid-year, you will receive copies of CMPS retroactive to the beginning of the year. Membership is up for renewal every January.

Purchase memberships and journal subscriptions online
Mail-in Membership Form

Those seeking more information about the Society should contact the Executive Director, Glenn Palmer, at

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