Institutional Membership

Institutional members support the activities of the Society, and such support constitutes an important source of revenue for the Society. Institutional membership confers the following benefits:

  • One (1) one-year faculty membership in the Society, ten (10) one-year graduate student memberships in the Society, waiver of the registration fee at the Society’s annual North American meeting for one faculty member affiliated with the institutional member,waiver of registration fees at the Society’s annual North American meeting for all graduate students affiliated with the institutional member.
  • Recognition of the institution’s support for the Society by being listed prominently in its journal, Conflict Management and Peace Science.

The annual fee for institutional membership is $400.

Those interested should make payment to the Peace Science Society (International), fill out the institutional membership form, and send payment and the form to the Peace Science Society, Dept. of Political Science, The Pennsylvania State University, 202 Pond Bldg., University Park, PA, 16802.

Online payment for institutional membership is available here. Please email the institutional membership form to Caleb Petry ( after completing the online payment.

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