The Peace Science Society is an independent, non-profit organization supervised by a Council of officers elected from and by the membership. These include President, President-Elect, and eight Councilors. Elections are held on an annual basis. The day to day affairs of the Society are managed by the Executive Director together with an Executive/Editorial committee. Business meetings take place at designated annual conferences of the Society.

Executive Director
Glenn Palmer, The Pennsylvania State University


Ashley Leeds, Rice University 

Christian Davenport, University of Michigan

Andrew Owsiak, University of Georgia

Director of Online Colloquium
Emily Ritter, Vanderbilt University

Jessica Maves Braithwaite, University of Arizona
Michael Findley, University of Texas
Faten Ghosn, University of Arizona
Lisa Hultman, Uppsala University
Emily Ritter, Vanderbilt University
Patricia Sullivan, University of North Carolina
Jeff Carter, Appalachian State University
Olga Chyzh, Iowa State University

Past Presidents

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