AEE 530_ Assignment 1_ Rationale for Revision to Syllabus_MSMITH

Syllabus are a great learning contract going forward for the instructor and for students. During the course we were allowed to review a syllabus of interest based on our teaching interests. Tthhis was very exciting and great experience on some concepts already gathered from weeks 1-4. I chose to review the course syllabus from AEE 311 Section:002. Upon reviewing the course, the course content and expectations are specific but could be better written for an undergraduate audience.  The syllabus did provide detailed explanations of grading, contact information for course instructor, required course materials, academic integrity statement, disability statement, attendance, course schedule and requirements, and teaching methods and communication. However, upon continuing to review I noticed the syllabus could have better use of technological approaches or strategies to engage the student and instructor more. In addition, based on experience and practice with creating more in depth and objectives using performance, conditions, and criterion I could revise this syllabus more matching some of the teaching methods and assignments already listed.  I even revised the format, objectives, communication strategies, expectations, and assignment page to have it more readable for the students. I think that the rationale for this assignment was to engage the students in this course a hands on experience to focus on the essential elements and components of the formation and synopsis of a course syllabus. I took alot out of this assignment going forward in my career in the agricultural teaching system. Additional resources and points on what syllabus should have can be found at

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