AEE _Assignment2_Instructional Decision Making_Lesson Plan_MSMITH

Creating a lesson plan can be easy and difficult at the same time. Having passion for your content and strategies of how you may want to teach can be tricky also.  During the course we were allowed to review and create a revision of a syllabus for a course we would like to teach based on our interests.  Upon creating my lesson plan for a unit out of course (AEE 311), I first took the time to plan out my lesson objectives.  I wanted to take a brainstorm of how I wanted the students to learn and be able to do at the end of the class.  I pointed out the topic of the lesson, students learning preference, and what I want them to take away after the 50 minutes of instruction.  Secondly, I focused my attention on the instructional procedures. How will I gain students attention?  How will I recall their prior relevant information?  How will I present new material?  How will I elicit performance? How will I assess performance? Lastly, how will I enhance retention?  These questions I was able to point out 2/3 explanations/themes to follow as I conduct the teaching lesson that day. Thirdly, I created the general content and time for the class by listing the content/lecture point and time period to be able to stay on pace.  I included a section for material needed, and announcements that could be talked about at the beginning or end of the lesson.  Lastly, I included and planned to develop a conclusion and talking points for the next session. Something I also created in my plan was a middle note section for added points or notes going forward.  I feel that a lesson plan may not work as we can expect it to be, but we must not get to hard on ourselves and just make adjustments as you go and this teaching guide/tool will enhance our learning and experience to make the best better in teaching. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!images

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  1. I enjoyed the format of your lesson plan.

    I encourage you to think strongly on the purpose of learning objectives.

    Also, revisit your blog post titles and ask yourself, is this compelling?


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