AEE 530 Assignment # 3 Micro-Teaching Reflection

My micro teaching experience was very interesting and fun. I wish I had more peer-reviews to get a deeper feedback approach from more in the class. I also saw it was interesting homicroteaching1w I created the lesson plan and got a chance to teach a portion (10 mins) of the lesson.  I played the role of the teaching experience in terms of a morning setting but since the experience was conducted in the afternoon it made it a bit difficult to broaden my thinking in teaching the course in the morning time frame. The breakdown of my teaching experience of the lesson educated me on how plans of action do not go as planned sometimes and how reflection is instrumental going forward. I think this micro-teaching experience was helpful in it gave me a chance to re-teach a lesson from AEE 311 and really get great feed-back from my peers in the class. In addition, I loved the structure of being able to reconstruct a syllabus, create a lesson plan, and then be able to teach to other classmates. I wish we could have selected 5 students of our own to come at that moment and be able to hear from undergraduates about their reflection from our teaching since the courses are undergraduate level.  From my peers I learned a sense of additional stances on bringing technology to the class, providing humor to make classes more fun-filled and interesting, and having breakout activities to build more on the concepts presented. I think my taking my time would be beneficial going forward in my teaching to let students be able to reflect more on the concepts presented in the lesson plan.  My peers mentioned in the review that I gave great energy, positive handouts, presented questions and group discussion, and made it a fun atmosphere to engage content. They also mentioned that things I could improve on was telling more my story or experience, rushed a bit on teaching, needed to play clear instrumental music for class, and typos in my PowerPoint.  Overall, I feel that I did a great job generating discussion in the teaching experience and prompting students with guided questions. I think by me providing material for the students in the beginning helped them as well to gage more into the content. I look forward to viewing the video of my experience to grasp more of my teaching and strategies I can use going forward in future teaching.  If I did this lesson again, I would change several things.  I would add more time and better introduction/hook to the concepts.  I would have students take a beginning approach or start out question to engage there attention to the lesson. I think I would also send a question or reading in advance before the micro-teaching experience so my peers would have a heads up on the content for the lesson. This would have helped to know who would be in our groups in advance for the experience.  The sky is the limit!

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