AEE 530 Assignment # 5 TLT Symposium Reflection

teaching_with_technology1 This past weekend our AEE 530 class had the opportunity to participate in the Penn State Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium.  The symposium is an annual on-day event to showcase ways that technology can be used to enhance teaching, learning and research.  The symposium opened with a full and hearty breakfast with the opening speaker of Dr. Jones which he gave a great discussion on transforming education.  Some discussion from participants among the symposium mentioned barriers revolving in TLT and trying to incorporate focus into teaching.  The corporation with canvas and the size of classrooms would be an issue, however if educational tech could be able to leverage strategies to be able to get more technology to the students.  Another question noted was do we have more communication with all complexities of the system to get the barrier issue situated with TLT. It was also noted to implement a plan to incorporate diverse students in TLT to be more inclusive.  I attended various sessions which included sparking student interest using yammer and voice thread, promoting cultural competence through culture walks, wearable technology for self-regulated learning, and supported a colleague in their workshop on Penn State music education in technology regarding the blue band.  All workshops were great, but the sparking student interest workshop was the most beneficial to me to be able to gain more insight on other educational apps to use within course structure especially using them within me TA with my advisor course this fall. Yammer and Vice Thread could be utilized in gaining student online presentation and dialogue on content with more than just their classmates.  I felt like this experience has truly gave me a view on how to incorporate more technology effectively in courses I will teach or TA in the future.

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