AES during the remote learning period

Hello everyone, some long-awaited info:

After the break, we were planning on hosting a series of mixing sessions with vp Cristina in the studio; however, this is … difficult without being on campus. Please let a eboard member know if you’d be interested in attending mixing sessions over Zoom.

We’ll be moving board elections to the meeting AFTER we’re back on campus; ie, if we return April 6th as planned elections will take place on the 16th. Until then we’ll be having open board meetings via Zoom at the usual time, Mondays at 2:30pm. The link will be posted here.

Due to not being physically present on campus, we’re cancelling the speaker build. We may try and revisit it next semester but as of now there’s not enough time between getting back and being able to complete it.

2-27: Finishing the pedal build!

This week we’ll be finishing up the pedal builds. Feel free to come hang out even if you didn’t order one! 6pm in 213 VAB, Thursday the 27th.

We’ll also be postponing e-board elections until after spring break. Please let an officer know (replying to this email, groupme, etc) if you’re interested in running for a position! Keep in mind we have open e-board meetings every Monday at 2:30 in the Westgate building. If you want to come but that time doesn’t work for you let us know.

Finally, here’s the interest form for the speaker again; we’re currently speaking to PartsExpress about getting a discount, so keep an eye out.

2/18 and beyond: Pedals, speakers, and more

This week we’ll be assembling our pedals! If you didn’t order a kit still feel free to come hang out.
Per usual, the meeting will take place in 213 VAB, at 6pm on Thursday February 20th.

Although our first build hasn’t even started yet, we’re already planning our next one; a pair of bookshelf speakers. Each set will cost $110 (the price of the kit + feet from Amazon), and you’ll have between now and March 6th (the last day of class before spring break) to turn in money to the eboard or the ASA office. Keep in mind these speakers are not powered.

Here are our plans for then next couple of weeks:
• Feb 27th: Spillover for people who don’t finish their pedal
• March 5th: Eboard elections! If you’re interested in running for a position, please fill out this form.
• March 6th: Speaker build money deadline
• March 12th: Spring break…
• April 16th: Speaker build

AES this week – Dr. Micah Shepherd

This week Dr. Micah Shepherd will be giving a seminar on his research with Martin guitar. The seminar will be taking place in Willard 160 @ 6PM on Thursday, February 13th (NOT 213 VAB!!!)

Other important tidbits:
• the payment deadline for the pedal build is tomorrow! Money (60$) can be given to a board member or dropped off at the ASA office in the HUB, as long as you get a receipt (our ASA account number is 0107). Remember to fill out the form here as well so we know to order you a kit.

• we’re gauging interest in building a bookshelf speaker after spring break. Please fill out this form if you’d be interested.

1/29 – 2/20

Just a reminder that this week’s meeting will be a soldering workshop in preparation for our upcoming projects this semester. If you haven’t already RSVPed, please do so here. The meeting will be at the usual time and place, Thursday January 30th, at 6pm in 213 VAB.

Here’s some more info about our upcoming events!
• Feb 13th – Topic Seminar: Modal Analysis of Acoustic Guitars: Dr. Micah Shepherd will be giving a talk on the research he’s been doing with Martin Guitar.

• Feb 20 – Pedal Build: We’ll be building a fuzz pedal; each kit is 60$, but you get to take it home (and even choose your LED color 😊). Here’s a link to the schematic. If interested, please fill out this form.

12/12: the chill lo-fi meeting

This week we’ll be having a chill lo-fi meeting listening to some tunes, watching a movie and hanging out in 213 VAB.
We’ll either be watching Whiplash, This is Spinal Tap, or Bohemian Rhapsody; a form is attached below.

(for those of you working on the build, we’ll also be finishing that up).
Come if you can, come if you’d like. Thursday the 12th, 7pm in 213 Visual Arts Building.

Semester’s end; AES and you.

This week we’ll be finishing up the headphone amp (for those of you who purchased builds earlier this semester, it’s the other bag). Even if you didn’t purchase a kit, feel free to stop by and hang out! We’ll be meeting at the usual time and place: 12/5 at 7:00pm in 213 Visual Arts Building.

Next week (12/12), we’ll be getting some pre-finals R&R; come listen to lo-fi beats with us in 213 VAB, at 7:00.

See you Thursday, and thanks for a great semester.

11/11: Audio Aesthetics with Gary Gottlieb!

This week, Gary Gottlieb, Vice President of AES’s Eastern Division will be visiting Penn State to give a talk on “The Changing Roles of Aesthetics and Technology”. The talk will briefly cover the history of musical talent, producers, and engineers then bridge into an open discussion about the relationship between technical knowledge and artistic expression.

In addition to Gottlieb, AES members from all over central PA will be in attendance, so it’ll be a great chance to meet other audio enthusiasts and professionals.

The event will take place Thursday, 11/14 in 214 Applied Science Building at 7pm (NOT 213 VAB).

Meeting 10/10: Microphones!

Tomorrow’s meeting (10/10) will be all about microphones (who, what, where, when, and why). We’ll be discussing a brief history of live/studio mics, microphone types, polar patterns, placement, and sonic characteristics. After, we’ll be doing a live demo and discussing some real-world use cases.

The meeting will be at the usual time and place; 7PM in 213 VAB.