Meet Your Executive Board!

PSUBAMS is proud to announce your 2017-2018 executive board! We encourage you to contact any of us with any questions about the organization or just Penn State Meteorology in general! We look forward to serving you.


President: Brian Cizek

For Brian Cizek, it is an honor and a privilege to serve this great organization, and he is very excited for the upcoming school year. Brian is entering his final year at Penn State, but is considered a bit of an unconventional student. After originally graduating from Washington University in 2015 and working for a year in Madison, WI as an implementation consultant at Epic (a healthcare software company), he decided to go back to school here at Penn State to pursue his lifelong passion of meteorology.  Brian comes from a family of proud Penn Staters, and feels like he is finally where he belongs! In addition to PSUBAMS, Brian is also actively involved in Campus Weather Service, Live Broadcast Team, Chi Epsilon Pi, and the student run TV show Weather or Not. When he is not looking at weather maps, he loves playing and coaching baseball (Brian played in college and is a coach for the Penn State Club Baseball team), golfing, fishing, hiking, and playing the violin/mandolin.


Vice President: Kellianne Klass

Kellianne Klass is currently a senior studying meteorology. Unlike most people in this field, she did not have a love for weather when she was younger. In fact Kellianne hated thunderstorms when she was younger. However, since she was little, she always knew that she wanted to be a scientist. Little did she know that one day she would eventually have a love for weather, especially severe thunderstorms. Not only does Kellianne have a love for severe weather, but also enjoys talking about the weather to people, which is why she plans to go into the broadcasting field after graduation. She’s had some broadcasting experience with the Campus Weather Service, and also an internship at WNBC in New York City during the summers of 2016 and 2017. Not only is Kellianne involved with PSUBAMS, but is also involved with the National Meteorological Honor Society- Chi Epsilon Pi, Campus Weather Service, the CWS Live Broadcast Team, Penn State Storm Chase, EMS THON, and the Roar Zone which is a part of Penn State Men’s Ice Hockey.


Secretary: Kristina Salvatore

Kristina Salvatore is currently a junior in the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science program at Penn State, and pursuing a minor in Information Sciences and Technology. She is currently involved in visual analysis of propagation within GOES-16 images within the department, and hopes to continue working with remote and active sensing in the future. Kristina hopes to blend the knowledge and awareness of weather with a skill in technology and communication to help others to understand and document weather, with the ultimate goal being to increase safety.  In addition to serving on the PSUBAMS board, she is also the secretary for the PSUChase Team.  In addition, Kristina is involved in Campus Weather Service and the meteorology honor society Chi Epsilon Pi.  Outside of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, she is also a part of the Penn State School of Music’s choral singing program.


Treasurer: Nathan Lis

Nathan Lis is a senior at Penn State University majoring in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, with a triple minor in Geographic Information Systems, Climatology, and Piano Performance. He resides in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, and has been fascinated by the weather ever since he was 5 years old, particularly severe weather. His passion for studying how the atmosphere works continues to be a driving force in his life. After conducting research at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the National Severe Storms Laboratory the past two summers, Nathan is certain that he wants to use what he’s learned to help save lives and protect property from hazardous weather events. Next year Nathan plans to attend graduate school, where he will continue to study severe weather and how to make the nation more weather ready.


Community Outreach: Anthony Preucil

Anthony Preucil is a junior majoring in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, along with a minor in climatology.  He is planning to conduct research in many areas related to climate change, and hopes to improve current models in order to provide more accurate long term forecasts for the earth as a whole. Anthony is an active member of the Campus Weather Service, in both the communications and forecasting branches. He is also involved with the PSUChase team. Outside of his meteorology studies, Anthony is heavily involved in the School of Music at Penn State, working towards a minor in Music Performance. He also performs multiple times a year with the Pennsylvania Centre Orchestra.


Faculty Advisor: Marisa Ferger

Marisa Ferger started working in the Penn State Weather Communications Group in the summer of 2002 and started attending PSUBAMS meetings the following semester.  A few months later she was asked to become the group’s advisor.  Before coming to Penn State, Marisa graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in meteorology and then went on to do television weather in Traverse City, MI and Oklahoma City, OK.  Marisa currently teaches broadcast meteorology and weather communications. She also is a producer and forecaster for the television show, Weather World.  In addition to being a weather weenie, Marisa enjoys cooking, eating, and enjoying the great outdoors with her family.