Meet Bear!

Bear is an adorable, fluffy, and massive Bernese Mountain dog! Don’t let his name deceive you! Bernese Mountain dogs only have one thing in common with bears- their size! This Bear is certainly the sweetest “bear” I’ve ever met! Here’s some more information about Bernese Mountain dogs.


The Bernese Mountain dogs are from Bern, Switzerland where they were historically used as cheaper alternatives to horses. Bernese Mountain dogs make great draft dogs (AKA cart dogs) because they are so muscular they can pull several times their own weight. In Bern, these dogs were mostly transporting cheese and milk throughout the region. Without the Bernese Mountain dogs working so hard to move these dairy product there would be no Swiss chocolate! They also worked to drive cattle, protect the farm, and provide companion to the farmers after a long day of work.

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Despite their functionality, the Bernese Mountain dog almost became completely extinct in the late 1800s. As the popularity of the St. Bernard rose in Switzerland, most people forgot about the previously beloved Bernese. Fortunately, some farmers still continued to use these dogs, and one man, Franz Schertenleib, was particularly crucial in helping bring the Bernese Mountain dogs back into the spotlight. Shortly after they began spreading across Europe again, they came to America in 1926 and have been soaring in popularity ever since.


Height 23-27.5 inches
Weight 70-115 pounds
Life Expectancy 7-10 years

The Bernese do have a very long coat, so they are quite prone to frequent shedding. Even though you should brush your Bernese 2-3 times a week, it will still shed a considerable amount regardless of the season. Your Bernese requires 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise, but they love having the occasional opportunity to go on more outdoor adventures. Bernese Mountain dogs make great hiking, backpacking, and camping companions. Especially if you have young children, you should consider letting your Bernese pull the kids in a wagon on a walk! However, they do not need this kind of exercise on a daily basis, so as long as you have a yard for your Bernese to play in for 30 minutes, it will be perfectly content spending the rest of the day sleeping inside next to your feet!

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Bernese Mountain dogs are very eager to please their owners, so they are relatively easy to train. However, they get upset quite easily, so they respond poorly to harsh training methods. Bernese make excellent companions dogs, so especially during training, you should not leave your Bernese alone for extended periods of time. They just want to be with their family so they can make you happy!

Famous Bernese Mountain Dogs

Honestly, there are not many (or any according to Google) famous Bernese Mountain dogs and that needs to change! The only thing Bernese Mountain dogs aren’t good at is living in apartments because they’re too big for the small spaces! Since the Bernese are good at everything else- they’re affectionate, good with children, intelligent, eager to please, and the list goes on and on- why can’t they be movie stars too?? I’m officially starting the movement for Bernese Mountain dogs to be featured in more movies, television shows, everything! C’mon look at this cute face and tell me you wouldn’t immediately go watch a movie if you saw this cutie in the commercial!

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