Meet Peaches!

Okay, I know I’ve already declared Pugs to be my favorite breed, but that was actually a lie. Wheaten Terriers are actually my favorite breed because my dog, Peaches was a Wheaten. And she was the best doggo in the whole world, therefore all Wheatens must be wonderful. Keep reading for lots of info (and cute pictures) of my dog.


Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are very closely related to Irish and Kerry Blue Terriers because they all come from… Ireland! However, ancient Irish people were quite foolish. They believed that all Terriers were inferior to hounds, (Side note: how can anyone say any breed is “inferior” to another??? All doggos are good doggos!) so only poor peasants owned Terriers. But that’s okay because at least the poor peasants who lived very hard, unfortunate lives had amazing dogs. Anywho, the earliest Wheatens normally worked on farms doing tasks ranging from working cattle to hunting foxes. Fortunately for us, the Wheatens came to America in the 1940s and we have been blessed with their presence ever since!


Height 17-19 inches
Weight 30-40 pounds
Life Expectancy 12-14 years

Trust me, Wheatens are SO easy to take care of! If you prefer the long, traditional Wheaten hair style, then they do need to be brushed two or three times a week. Otherwise, if you keep your Wheaten’s hair short, like Peaches, then it needs to be brushed much less frequently. Wheatens are relatively energetic dogs, so they do need moderate amounts of daily exercise. But that’s a great thing because they’re excellent companions to go on a run with! Wheatens are known for chasing just about any living creature, so you should consider having a fenced in yard or keeping them on a leash.

Famous Wheaten Terriers

Now the moment everyone has been waiting for. Or, at least, I’ve been waiting for! Obviously the most important Wheaten Terrier on the entire planet is Peaches! So she deserves this entire section about famous Wheatens, and hopefully all these stories will convince you to get your very own Wheaten.

Peaches was the most perfect dog. Ever. I know everyone thinks their dog is perfect, but Peaches really was. First off, she was ridiculously smart. My Dad used to take Peaches for a walk every night around 9pm. Her two favorite things were going for walks and pancakes. My Dad would always joke that he needed to teach Peach how to read clocks because she would start to get antsy normally 15 minutes before he was ready to walk her. First off, I totally believe that she would actually have been able to read clocks because she was just that smart! But second off, she could basically already tell time anyway because she just instinctively knew when it was almost her walk time. My Dad always wears slippers in our house, and he has to take his slippers off and put on real shoes to walk her. Boy, when Peach saw the slippers coming off, she would run around in circles because she knew it was time for her walk! She really was extremely intelligent.

Walks and pancakes were her two favorite things, but licking and getting belly rubs are only a tiny bit behind. Once she convinced you to lay on the ground and rub her, that’s it. You were stuck there. She would trap your hand with her paw and lick it until you were covered in slobber. And if you tried to stop rubbing her, you could feel the tension in the air. Sometimes Peaches would sleep on my bed with me, and I would rub her until I was too tired to do it anymore. But then, she would always wake me up because she would pick her head up and turn and glare at me until I rubbed her again!

I have a million stories I could tell about Peach, but above all, she truly was my best friend. I actually used to call her my sister! Somehow, even though neither of my parents wanted a dog, she managed to wiggle her way into all of our hearts. She was so easy to love and she loved us back even more than we could ever love her. My favorite story is actually the day after we got her. We got Peaches on a Friday when I was in 4th grade and she was already six years old. She was absolutely terrified that first day. She slept in the laundry room that night, and I vividly remember getting up at the crack of dawn to be with her. I sat under our nasty mudroom sink with her for hours before anyone else woke up. At first, she was scared of me, but after a few hours, she got used to me and it was clear that we were going to be best friends.

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