During the Fall semester 2018, we developed three showcases to demonstrate and to learn how the Engagement Tool can be utilized in classes.

The showcases inquired:

  • pedagogical strategies (e.g., service learning, problem-based learning, collaborative learning);
  • reflection styles (e.g., phenomenological, hermeneutic, critical, feminist reflection);
  • reflection methods (e.g., reflective writing, storytelling, visualization, role playing, videoing);
  • core competencies (e.g., critical thinking skills);
  • strategies for creating a reflective class environment (e.g., creating class time for reflection and developing reflection skills, managing added complexity, balancing reflection and action, aligning student expectations).


Showcase 1: Operation Better Block
Larch 424/510: Community Engaged Design/Planning
Dr. Mallika Bose

Showcase 2: Ethics in the Workplace
LER 460 UP HR Ethics
Dr. Tom Hogan

Showcase 3: Watershed Conservation & Development
CED 309 Land Use Dynamics
Dr. Frans Padt

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