Showcase 1: Operation Better Block

Showcase 1: Operation Better Block
Larch 424/510: Community Engaged Design/Planning
Dr. Mallika Bose

Students in Larch 424/510 will be working with Operation Better Block of Pittsburgh helping with the following:

  • Creating GIS maps from field surveys of buildings and land parcels in Homewood, Pittsburgh.
  • Identifying flood-prone areas in Homewood.
  • Figuring out possible places for the location of solar panels in the Homewood neighborhood.

Working with Operation Better Block is part of a larger project where we are looking at the relationship (if any) between redevelopment efforts and health and well-being in three neighborhoods: East Liberty, Larimer and Homewood. These three neighborhoods are adjacent to one another, close to redeveloped Bakery Square/Penn Avenue corridor and yet in different stages of economic vitality. By using the Engagement Tool in this class, I hope to involve students in actively participating in their own learning process. It will also give them the skills to reflect on their learning in this course.

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