About Us

EUC allows for the bridge between the administration, faculty, and students of the College of Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University.

Throughout the academic year, EUC:

  • Allocates funds for engineering organizations
  • Holds numerous events for the faculty and student body
  • Communicates student ideas to administration and faculty
  • Acts as part of the Academic Integrity Council

In the end, we serve as the voice for the students of the College of Engineering and try our best to bring everyone together to unite the classes.

John Fadel
Email: jef5335@psu.eduPicture
Hey guys, my name is John Fadel and I am a senior studying Biomedical Engineering on a pre-med track. I am in the Schreyer Honors College and conduct research in the Transformative Biomaterials and Biotechnology Lab (TBBL). My sophomore year I was elected Director of Events and grew closer to the council and the responsibilities that came with it. My junior year, I was elected President and now with my last year here at Penn State, I am extremely excited to serve as the President again this year. I hope to instill the same excitement to the rest of the council and the College of Engineering student body as I have learned from previous presidents, other student leaders, and the faculty/administration! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions/comments; I’d love to hear from you!!
Vice President of Student Relations: 
Jason Cavanaugh
Email: jtc5333@psu.eduPicture
Hello! My name is Jason Cavanaugh and I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I joined the Engineering Undergraduate Council during my sophomore year because I wanted to get more involved in the College of Engineering.  As a general body member, I contributed to events like Engineering Week by helping to prepare and run various games, contests, and social/engineering events. I was inspired by the excitement and welcoming environment that EUC provides to the student body, so I decided I wanted to take on a more involved role in the council. This year I will be serving alongside Tyler Legge as a Director of Events, where I plan to continue EUC’s positive energy and build upon our annual events to reach out to as many students as possible. If anyone has questions or suggestions regarding this year’s events, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!  I’m looking forward to another great year!
Vice President of University Relations: 
Sohum Haribhakti
Email: swh5503@psu.edu
Hey guys, my name is Sohum and I am a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I joined the Engineering Undergraduate Council last year as a general body member. It was a great learning experience so I decided to further my involvement by running for an executive board position. This year, I will be Director of Public Relations and I am excited to be a part of all the great things EUC has in store in the coming months. 
Director of Events: 
Tyler Legge
Email: tsl5115@psu.edu
Hello to all, my name is Tyler Legge and I am a junior in Mechanical Engineering here at Penn State. I became a general body member of EUC last year and had lots of hands on experience with our Engineering Week festivities. This year I have been elected to Director of Events with my friend Jason and we plan on making the Fall BBQ and E-week this year the best yet. If you have any questions about any events or just anything you would like to bring to my attention, please feel free to contact me.
Director of Allocations: 
Aleksander Piasecki
Email: psu.euc.allocations@gmail.com
My name is Alek Piasecki and I am a junior studying Chemical Engineering and conducting research in Materials Engineering and synthesis. I am a Millennium Scholar and a Schreyer Honor’s College student. I recently joined EUC as this year’s Director of Allocations and am very excited to get started with my responsibilities in the club, as well as meeting any prospective EUC members. Please feel free to contact any of us here at EUC with any questions or concerns!
Director of Public Relations:
Ashley Martins 
Email: amm7436@psu.edu
Hi everyone! I am Ashley Martins and am a sophomore this year at Penn State. I became a member of EUC last year and was on the Public Relations Committee. Throughout the school year, I helped advertise EUC events such as the fall and spring formals by handing out flyers, talking to peers, and assisting in maintaining the EUC Facebook page. I am excited to have been elected as the Director of Public Relations and want to show Penn State just how awesome this organization is! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas you would like to see from a PR standpoint. I am looking forward to another fun year with EUC, and hope to see the organization grow!
UPUA Delegate: 
Erik Grinn
Email: ejg5270@psu.edu
Hey, my name is Erik Grinn and I am a junior studying Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. I am in the Schreyer Honors College, and I have been with EUC for just one whole semester thus far. I hold an executive administrative position in EUC, and I look forward to contributing more to EUC as the second half of my college career begins. As EUC grows and evolves, I hope to continue to see the trend of having a growing relationship with the Schreyer Student Council. Besides EUC, I am taking part in FOTO, a THON Organization, and the Rules and Regulations (R&R) THON Committee. I am also part of Club Tennis but who has time for that when you’re double majoring. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns!

Director of Technology:
Soleiman Allam
Email: sba5191@psu.edu

Hello, my name is Soleiman Allam and I’m currently a junior studying electrical engineering. I joined EUC my sophomore year and I started as a member of the events committee. Being in the events committee has allowed me to contribute to the several events hosted by EUC throughout the year, as well as gain valuable experience. I’m taking the previous experiences and knowledge I’ve attained and applying them in my new position as the Director of Technology. Striving to improve myself and benefit those around me is an ethic I will gladly pursue and one day pride myself on.

Kevin Wang
Email: kvw5288@gmail.com

Hello, my name is Kevin Wang, and I am currently serving on the Executive Board as a Treasurer. I am a Senior from Pottsville, PA studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I have also served as the Treasurer for my sophomore and junior years in which I helped manage the funds for the Council’s trips and events. In addition to EUC, I am involved in THON, ASME, IM Basketball and Swimming and Tennis. I am excited to spread my passion and enthusiasm for Engineering and leadership to other students as the year goes on. Please feel free to contact me for any questions!

 Chair of Life (Leadership in Freshman Engineering): 
Vansh Prabhu
Email: vvp5146@psu.edu

Hi, my name is Vansh Prabhu, and I am currently the Chair of Life (Leadership in Freshman Engineering). I am a sophomore from Denver, CO and I plan on majoring in Industrial Engineering. This past year, I sat on the Events Committee in EUC where I helped out with Engineers Week and several formals throughout the year. In addition to EUC, I’m involved in UPUA, NOBE, club tennis, and the racing team (FSAE). Outside of school, you can find me hiking, skiing, or catching up on Real Madrid. My goal for this academic year is to improve every engineering student’s experience here at University Park.

 Chair of Events: 
Ajay Garg
Email: aag5376@psu.edu

Hello, my name is Ajay Garg and I’m one of the events chairs for EUC. I’m a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. I was on the events committee for EUC last year and I’m excited to head the committee as events chair this year! My favorite event last year was the wing eating contest during E-week. I’ve also helped out in planning and executing Fall formal with the Schreyer Honors College and Casino Night. I was also a mentor for the Engineering Orientation Network (EON). Outside of Engineering, I’m involved in the Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity Inc. as well as the Rules and Regulations (R&R) THON Committee.

 Chair of Merchandise: 
Sebastian Niuman
Email: sjn5202@psu.edu

Hello, my name is Sebastian Niuman and I am currently the Merchandise Chair for EUC. I am studying Aerospace Engineering and was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia. During my freshman year I was a part of the outreach committee. Apart, from EUC I am also involved in Student Philanthropy Council, Fast Start Alumni Association Mentoring, Lion Tech Rocket Labs, and work remotely for JWL Engineering. I hope to not only help EUC have the best merchandise possible, but help in any other way possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

 Chair of Events: 
Joseph Zero
Email: jjz5087@psu.edu
Hello, my name is Joseph Zero and I am one of the Chairs of Events for EUC. I am a Junior studying Energy Engineering with a minor in Engineering Leadership Development. During the second half of my sophomore year I joined EUC and helped with some of the events like E-Week and the Formal with Schreyer’s Honors College, and found that I loved hosting the events. I became chair at the end of that year. When I am not working with EUC or studying, I enjoy golfing or skiing depending on the time of the year. I hope to make EUC’s events the best they can be. If you have any events-related questions, feel free to contact me by email.

 Chair of PR: 
Joshua Rosato
Email: jpr5469@psu.edu
Hello, my name is Joshua Rosato and I am one of the Chairs for Public Relations for EUC. I am a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. During my freshman year, I joined EUC and was a member of the Public Relations Committee where I helped promote events like Casino Night, Spring Formal, and the Fall Barbeque. I am also involved with the Penn State Water Polo Team, ASME, and the Ohana Thon group. I hope to reach out to more students through the use of EUC’s social media sites and take this council to the next level. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in an event or have a desire to join EUC.

Amanda Kelly

Director of Events: 
Pat Clements

Board Chair member: 
Megan Ingalls

Board Chair member: 
George Fadel

Faculty Advisor:
Keefe Manning

Email: kbm10@psu.edu
Department: Biomedical Engineering

Research: Artificial Heart Lab


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