For this week, I decided to order food online.  After checking grubhub I decided to order Mongolian food from Chen’s.  The food was well priced and came rather quickly.  I ordered the Mongolian Lo Mein and it was rather good, I would definitely consider ordering from here again.


Mongolian food is an interesting hybrid between Chinese and Russian food due to its location.  The location of Mongolia presents an interesting setting for the cuisine.  Primarily consisting of dairy products, meats, and animal fats the Mongolian diet is heavily reliant on cattle, horses, camel, yaks, sheep, goats and sometimes game.  The animal fat is necessary to keep warm in the extreme cold.  The cuisine lacks most vegetables and spices.


Most Mongolians are self-supporting therefore there are places called gers located along the roadside that run similar to simple restaurants.  It is expected upon entering a ger that one will accept the food offered to them and it is rude to refuse to even try what is offered.


One traditional Mongolian dish is cooked mutton, which is cooked sheep without any other ingredients.  Different types of dumplings are especially popular; they include types that are filled with meat, deep fried in mutton fat,  or boiled in steam.  Another popular dish is the combination of meat in noodles or soups.  There is a unique method of cooking that is used on special occasions which involves meat getting cooked on hot stones.


Fun Facts:

Horse meat is popular in Mongolia and sold in grocery stores

Mongolian garbage trucks sound like ice-cream vans.

The Mongolian people like drinking sour milk, instead of drinking fresh milk.

Vodka is very popular due to the close proximity to Russia


4 thoughts on “Mongolian

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had Mongolian food before. I never knew that it was a mix of Chinese and Russian, although that does make sense due to its geographical location. I would definitely be interested in trying it!

  2. I’ve actually ordered Chen’s before but chickened out of getting an authentic Mongolian dish and just ordered sushi. However, after reading this I’m definitely going to try actual Mongolian food. I love the fun facts!

  3. I have never had Mongolian food before. But based on this post, it seems pretty tempting. I’m sure throughout my 4 years of college I’ll probably end up walking by it late at night at some point and check it out.

  4. I don’t think I have ever had an authentic Mongolian dish before. Now I really want to! What an interesting and different diet. Americans definitely tend to be a little spoiled when it comes to food, so I really like how when you walk into a ger, you are expected to eat whatever is given to you. I really like how you give a few fun facts. They are so awesome (I have to say, I don’t think I could ever get used to drinking sour milk!)!

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