Over spring break, right before St. Patrick’s Day, my family got a variety of food that was typical for St. Patrick’s day.  This included Irish potatoes andIrish soda bread.  I don’t really enjoy this food but it’s a nice tradition for each year to get this food and it reminds meof the memories we have around this time of year. irish 4

The biggest influence on Irish cuisine is its temperate and climate.  When the potato crop was introduced in the 16th century, the cuisine of Ireland changed.  Now the traditional dishes include Irish stew, bacon and cabbage, and boxy (potato pancake).  Another typical dish is coddle which is usually made of left overs so its no specific recipe but usually has pork sausages, bacon, potatoes, and onions.  Colcannon consists of mashed potatoes, cabbage and kale and is another staple of irish food. irish-stew1

The most common ingredients used in Irish cooking are fresh vegetables, shellfish, a wide range of cheeses created across the country and the potato.  Fish and chips, though thought of as British, are also very popular.  In recent times, there has been an influx of foreign food including fast food.


Ireland is highly regarded for their alcohol production.  This includes beer, whiskey, irish coffee and lager.  The beer produced in Ireland is typically Porter and Stout, most popular being Guiness.  The whiskey created in Ireland is most particularly single pot whiskey, like Jamison.  Irish coffee is made of black coffee, whiskey, and cream, usually Bailey’s irish cream.  And the last popular alcoholic beverage is lager which is a type of beer usually fermented and conditioned at low temperatures. irish 3

St. Patrick’s day is the holiday most associated with Ireland and has some unique food linked to it.  As stated before, irish potatoes and soda bread are foods associated with Ireland here in the United States.  There’s the traditional dish of corned beef and cabbage that is eaten for St. Patrick’s Day.  Originally the dish was cabbage and Irish bacon but in the early part of the 20th century Irish immigrants changed to corned beef as a cheaper alternative.

Fun Facts: The Irish consume on average 131.1 liters of beer a year

Ireland’s oldest bar is in Athlone called Sean’s bar and was opened over 900 years ago

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  1. I really love Irish cuisine, but I cannot imagine eating it everyday or even eating it for two weeks straight. While it is delicious, it is very hearty and it lacks a lot of vegetables and fruits. Currently, my best friend is going to college in Ireland and she told me that going to the club is much more natural there and you never want to compete with an Irishman when it comes to drinking!

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