Reflection and Penn State

Over the year, doing this blogging project, I have tried a wide variety of ethnic food.  Prior to this project I was the biggest picky eater and refused to try anything new.  However by choosing to do ethnic foods for my blog project I forced myself to step outside my comfort zone.  And though I can’t say that I am 100% adventurous in the area of food and will eat anything now, I will say I have improved.  I no longer worry as much about going to a restaurant and not liking anything on the menu.  Also, I’ve found myself eating  a lot of the food that I tried for this project in my everyday life.  There was definitely some food I didn’t like but I found that by trying other things you will find things that you do like.

My blog focused on restaurants downtown or around state college that offered a wide variety of ethnic food, but there is also on campus food places that offer delicious ethnic foods.  In Findlay in east, there’s the Asian Grille which features made to order stir fry and General Tso’s chicken.  Also in the commons they serve up Sol de Cobre mexican food.  Most of the dining halls on campus feature Italian food to some degree in their pastas.  South offers a wide variety of food including Japanese sushi, Mexican food and classic American staples.  West has a wide variety of vegetarian options.  North offers Italian food at rigaTony’s and Middle Eastern food at Halal.  The Hub offers some different ethnic food, though commercialized versions. The wide variety of ethnic and diverse dishes that the food staff offers at Penn State allows students to try new things without breaking the bank.

Though this food may not be the same quality as the restaurants downtown, it still is pretty good. Overall this project has taught me many things.  Its made me more likely to try new things, not just food, and also to not judge things by the way they look.  A lot of the food I wouldn’t eat before because I thought it looked “gross” but after eating it I found it quite good.  Hence open yourself up to trying new things and don’t judge a book by its cover.

2 thoughts on “Reflection and Penn State

  1. I’m glad you were able to explore so many ethnic cuisines! I’m a big lover of all things food, and I love trying food from different places (unless there’s something legitimately gross in it… like pig toenails or something)… it’s awesome that something as simple as a blog topic has made you more openminded and willing to try new things. I’d say you could label this a success!

  2. My dad and mom always say how lucky I am to have so many options on campus and for those options to be actually good! We are very fortunate. It is really great that you were able to come away from this blogging assignment with a better appetite or at least an open mind when it comes to food!

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