GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 8/15/16


Attendees: Baxter, Beekman, K. Prescot, Andris, King, La Londe, Meehan, Vender, D. Howard, Mrsa, Brewer.



  • Clio Andris will be teaching a residential GIS course this Fall. GIS Skills for Research, GEOG 565.
  • Ms. Deb Howard (Facilities Resources & Planning) spoke about the on-going projects to create a visitor’s map as well as update the Facilities information Systems that is house in OPP.       Anyone interested in participating in these conversations is encouraged to contact Deb (
    • Group keeps track of all campus space this PSU owns, this includes Real Estate.
    • All floor plans are in CAD
    • System is over 15 years old (Oracle) and needs to be updated.
    • Multiple systems and platforms need to be brought together.
    • Goal is to bring in all maps associated.
    • Teams (Campus Bird and PennBay) are coming in October for additional meetings.
  • Do we have any volunteers for a talk in the next meeting?



  • Tara La Londe provided an update on GIS day, November 14-15.
  • Blue Raster is interested in providing feedback to faculty/instructors from a recruiting standpoint.
  • GIS Day Highlights include:
    • Events both Monday and Tuesday
    • Networking lunch
    • Career Panel

Next Meeting is Tuesday, September 27th, at 1030AM in the Mann Assembly Room, Paterno Library.

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