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GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 11/9/16

Attendees: Bodovski, Brewer, LaLonde, Meehan, Piekielek, C. Smith, Vender.
  • Chris Capelli (Esri) was here in October and met with various groups.
  • GEOG006 – New course based on Mapping Revolution MOOC.
    • Main purpose is to get folks into the GI-Science majors.
  • GEOG is working on developing an online Associates and Bachelors Degree.
  • Movement to start advanced high school AP course for GIS and T.  GEOG working on it.
  • Things are are in place and ready.

  • Info and schedule can be found here:
  • Jodi Vender will be going to Harrisburg for their GIS day events on Wednesday.
ESRI Enterprise License Agreement:
  • Mike Mrsa.  Met with Chris Capelli of Esri about ELA.
    • Potential new agreement would try and spread costs of agreement among departments.
    • Costs would be reduced for faculty/staff.
    • ArcGIS Online could be behind SSO.
  • What happens to computer labs?
  • Beth King, Mike Mrsa, main POCs for this effort.
December 20th is next meeting.  Will be more of a social event and take place at Liberty Craft House.