GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 2/28/17

Attendees: D. Howard, Y. Bodovski, H. Ross, B. King, D. Meehan, N. Piekielek, M. Zeiders, R. Baxter, J. Richendrfer, R. Philips, M. Mrsa, P. Garbini.

  • Next Meeting – April 11th, Mad-Mex 330PM
  • Talked about standing up an ArcGIS Server instance that could serve multiple entities
  • Is it possible to collaborate together to buy server(s)?
  • Are there any existing VM instances that we can use?
Esri Enterprise License Agreement:
  • Details of new ELA are being worked out
  • Majority of cost will be covered by larger units in 5-year contract
  • New goal is to not inhibit users
Space Planning & Management and Campus Map:
  • Penn Bay (Esri partner) will be replacing the current space inventory system
  • Eventually all spaces will be connected to a master schedule/calendar
  • Campus Bird visitor maps will move forward after PB work gets started
GIS Day:
  • We are looking for ideas on how to improve GIS day and draw more people in
  • The next GIS UG meeting will focus on how we can work together to improve the day
    • What ideas do people have about speakers
    • Who would you like to see speak?
  • Build a vision and then decide how it will be planned out
    • Is it possible to put out a survey to those who came?
    • Should we have a sign up?
    • Make the networking a happy hour?

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