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GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 4/11/17

Attendees: Mrsa, Gowen, King, Baxter, LaLonde, Ross, Vender, Meehan.
  • All are encouraged to tell friends and colleagues about this group
  • Next meeting May 24. 10AM. Stuckeman Family Building
  • Actual GIS day is November 15th, 2017.
  • Talked about moving PSU GIS Day so people can participate in other events.
  • Need to have quality giveaways
  • Need more professors to incentivize it
  • There will not be booths this year
  • What groups can we get involved?
    • Student groups?
  • We would like to get a job description together for a Gould Intern to handle aspects of this day.
    • Summer thru the Fall position.
  • Letters will go out to different units in the coming weeks
  • Desktop licenses and other software will be minimally priced
  • Students can get licenses for free