GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 5/24/17

Attendees:  D. Goldberg, T. LaLonde, A. Santos, P. Garbini, E. Gowen, R. Phillips, R. Baxter, Y. Bodovski, J. Vender, H. Ross, N. Piekielek,
  • Next meeting will be July 18.  Pickles Tap Room
  • Campus was flown in April.  Leaf Off, .15 foot resolution
  • LIDAR was flown too.
  • Will be available this summer on PASDA
  • Talked about the technical representatives and how the relate to UC passes
  • Who are all of the tech contacts?  How many do we have?
  • ESRI tech reps need to be held accountable.  Free pass means you have to complete XYZ.
  • Esri contacts were on campus a few weeks back. We have new higher ed reps who are eager to help out.
  • Contact info will be provided.
  • Penn Bay is working on facility data. Using In-vision.
  • Lots of issues with location IDs and the naming schema, which will be changed.
    Building number is the unique ID.
    • LionPath is driving this because of schema issues.
    • Major facility information updates are tedious and holding things up.
    • There is an effort to include outdoor spaces in the system.
  • Campus Bird is in purchasing.
    • They will be done in a few months.  Open street map in process.
  • Geography of Civil Rights movements is the theme for this year.
  • General Plan:
    • Hoping to move to Friday of geography awareness week
    • Reception at the EMS gallery
    • Geog coffee hour in Walker building.
    • Lighting talks can still happen in Foster Auditorium.
  • Who is the audience?  Students, anyone who is interested in using GIS.
  • Community building and outreach are our goals.
  • How can we attract new people to the community?
    • Low cost way of seeing what GIS is, or how it can be used.
  • Market as something other than GIS day?
    • Rebrand GIS day?  Drones, big data, data visualization?

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