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GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 5/30/18

Attendees: C. Andris, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, D. Goldberg, J. Vendor, R. Baxter, J. Richendrfer, N. Piekielek, Y. Bodovski.
  • In an effort to better establish ourselves in the campus community, we are currently accepting all suggestions on a mission statement for this group.
  • D. Goldberg recently attended the Tech Plus Conference, an AEC expo that was in NYC in May. They talked a lot about using BIM to create “digital twin” models of buildings to simulate changes or updates to the buildings.
  • Again the topic of trying to get an ArcGIS Server instance up and running for general use came up.
  • J. Richendrfer from OPP will give a brief talk in the next UG meeting.
  • A big topic of conversation was how to make this group more official.
  • There was a GIS Council that disbanded a few years back.  Plenty of lessons learned.
  • Do we form a smaller council/committee/working group that has more community buy-in?
  • Discussions on-going, input welcome.
  • Campus map has been updated and is live.  Has many different views and sets of data available.
  • ADA information is not very accurate as this data is maintained in CAD, not GIS, and has not been updated recently.
  • Maps are representing static information, not tied to GIS data as originally intended.
GIS Day, November 13th 2018:
  • Tara La Londe (TLL38) is again leading the effort to plan the 2018 PSU GIS Day events.  Please reach out to her if you’re interested in helping out.
  • Our will take place on Tuesday, November 13th.  HACC event will be Wednesday the 14th.
  • Events will be: Technology Demo, Lightning Talks, Keynotes, and Networking Reception.
  • C. Andris spoke about a new group on campus that will focus on Open Street Map and humanitarian issues.
  • Undergrad GIS Coalition is part of this.  Will hold 2 Map-a-Thons per year.
  • They are looking for guest speakers.

There will be a GIS HH on Thursday, 4PM at Champs Downtown.

Next GIS UG meeting will be July 18th at 10AM in Walker Building.