GIS UG Meeting Minutes -7/18/18

Attendees: J. Vender, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, J. Spayd, J. Detwiler, R. Phillips, C. Grube, C. Brewer, J. Sloan, R. Baxter, D. Goldberg, N. Piekielek

Location: 319 Walker Building

Discussion Items:

-Penn State GIS Day: (Co-sponsored by Penn State University Libraries and Dept. of Geography) Save the Date for speakers and activities on Tues. Nov. 13th

-Highlights from those who attended the Esri Users Conference:  More programs as part of the education showcase, Other highlights included ArcGIS Urban, ArcGIS for Indoors, and ArcGIS and BIM workflows

New graduate certificate in the Online Geospatial program, graduate certificate in geospatial programming and web map development

-Updates from Mike Mrsa: Renewal of Esri site license, Single Sign on for ArcGIS Online Organizational account (Teaching and Research): future meeting with main stakeholders to discuss user roles, credits, grouping, best practices. Some brief discussion on current users, migrating users, migrating data of user accounts, sharing among organizational groups, and current accounts.

-Campus Bird: Some attended meeting on current activities
-OPP:  Colin Grube, new to the OPP team, working on fieldwork activities, Older Trimble units will be given to the Library for future lending. Some discussion of non-Trimble products in terms of whether anyone had experience with these.
Other Discussion Items: 
-Any information on Penn State and  Amazon Cloud team (other IT contact)
-Use of Esri and/or other Penn State software in other countries
-Virtuality of ArcGIS Pro and/or inclusion in the Penn State Web Apps (other contact for this site, TLT)
-Inclusion in the public computer profile (other IT contact)
-Center for Maps and Geospatial Information: a staff member’s retirement may enable new position to be created, interest ideas pass along to Nathan.
Next GIS users meeting: ~6weeks from now (week of August 27th)
-Suggestion of a Doodle Poll for determining availability for scheduling

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