GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 9/12/18

B. King, C. Grube, J. Sloan, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, J. Vendor, R. Baxter, J. Richendrfer, N. Piekielek, Y. Bodovski, M. Wagner, J. Detwiler, H. Ross, J. Blanford,
  • We were joined by Madelyn Wagner who is from PSU Enterprise IT.
  • Madeyln, Beth King, and Mike Mrsa will be leading the effort to establish a charter for the operation of a single ESRI organizational License for the entire University.  All PSU students, faculty, and staff will be able to log into AGOL using PSU credentials.
  • The Charter is (linked here) on Box and comments are welcome.  If you are currently using AGOL in any capacity, you should read this document.
  • Purpose, set up a sample service to utilize ArcGIS online services.
  • Governance and many other issues need to be worked out.
  • Ryan Baxter is current using SSO in resident undergrad course

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