GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 2/6/19

R. Baxter, J. Detwiler, B. King, J. T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, J. Vendor, Y. Bodovski, C. Grube, D. Goldberg.
  • Interns from GIS coalition attended to talk about assisting in re-organizing of website.
  • Libraries is hiring a new Open Source Geospatial professional.
  • OPP will be flying new imagery and LiDAR in the spring.  Data should be available by the fall.
  • PA EMA is also flying new LiDAR this spring.
  • We would like to move the Users Group into a more formal “Working Group” and would like input on that in the next meetings.
  • Updates were provided on the new AGOL Organization.
  • Soft launch is going well, many students, faculty and staff using the tool.
  • Detwiler updates everyone on scripts that are being run.
  • We are looking for AGOL use cases to share on University newswire.

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