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GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 2/6/19

R. Baxter, J. Detwiler, B. King, J. T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, J. Vendor, Y. Bodovski, C. Grube, D. Goldberg.
  • Interns from GIS coalition attended to talk about assisting in re-organizing of website.
  • Libraries is hiring a new Open Source Geospatial professional.
  • OPP will be flying new imagery and LiDAR in the spring.  Data should be available by the fall.
  • PA EMA is also flying new LiDAR this spring.
  • We would like to move the Users Group into a more formal “Working Group” and would like input on that in the next meetings.
  • Updates were provided on the new AGOL Organization.
  • Soft launch is going well, many students, faculty and staff using the tool.
  • Detwiler updates everyone on scripts that are being run.
  • We are looking for AGOL use cases to share on University newswire.

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 12/12/18

G. Miller (esri), R. Waddell (esri), R. Baxter, J. Detwiler, B. King, N. Piekielek, J. Richendrfer, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, J. Vendor, Y. Bodovski, M. Wagner, M. Zeiders, J. Spayd, P. Linehan, M. Mesude, C. Grube.
  • Ridge Waddell and Geri Miller form esri attended these meetings.  They are the esri campus representatives.
  • GIS Users Group page will transition to the main GIS landing page for campus.
  • Updates were provided on the new AGOL Organization.
  • Tier 1 service (basic questions) will be handled by the IT service desk.
  • Existing AGOL Organizations will not go away in the near future.
  • Scripts will take care of enabling AGOL extensions (community analyst, GeoPlanner, etc) and ArcGIS Pro.

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 10/23/18

J. Sloan, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, J. Vendor, Y. Bodovski, M. Wagner, H. Ross, M. Zeiders, J. Spayd, C. Brewer.
  • Next meeting: James Spayd will give a brief overview of GIS is PSIEE.
  • Additional meeting topics welcome.
  • M. Wagner talks about the governance and setup.
  • The Charter is (linked here) on Box and comments are welcome.
  • Service Manager role will be filled by Dan Meehan.
  • If you’re using ArcGIS Online for anything, you should be involved in this.
  • EMS will provide resources for communication.


GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 9/12/18

B. King, C. Grube, J. Sloan, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, J. Vendor, R. Baxter, J. Richendrfer, N. Piekielek, Y. Bodovski, M. Wagner, J. Detwiler, H. Ross, J. Blanford,
  • We were joined by Madelyn Wagner who is from PSU Enterprise IT.
  • Madeyln, Beth King, and Mike Mrsa will be leading the effort to establish a charter for the operation of a single ESRI organizational License for the entire University.  All PSU students, faculty, and staff will be able to log into AGOL using PSU credentials.
  • The Charter is (linked here) on Box and comments are welcome.  If you are currently using AGOL in any capacity, you should read this document.
  • Purpose, set up a sample service to utilize ArcGIS online services.
  • Governance and many other issues need to be worked out.
  • Ryan Baxter is current using SSO in resident undergrad course

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 5/30/18

Attendees: C. Andris, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, D. Goldberg, J. Vendor, R. Baxter, J. Richendrfer, N. Piekielek, Y. Bodovski.
  • In an effort to better establish ourselves in the campus community, we are currently accepting all suggestions on a mission statement for this group.
  • D. Goldberg recently attended the Tech Plus Conference, an AEC expo that was in NYC in May. They talked a lot about using BIM to create “digital twin” models of buildings to simulate changes or updates to the buildings.
  • Again the topic of trying to get an ArcGIS Server instance up and running for general use came up.
  • J. Richendrfer from OPP will give a brief talk in the next UG meeting.
  • A big topic of conversation was how to make this group more official.
  • There was a GIS Council that disbanded a few years back.  Plenty of lessons learned.
  • Do we form a smaller council/committee/working group that has more community buy-in?
  • Discussions on-going, input welcome.
  • Campus map has been updated and is live.  Has many different views and sets of data available.
  • ADA information is not very accurate as this data is maintained in CAD, not GIS, and has not been updated recently.
  • Maps are representing static information, not tied to GIS data as originally intended.
GIS Day, November 13th 2018:
  • Tara La Londe (TLL38) is again leading the effort to plan the 2018 PSU GIS Day events.  Please reach out to her if you’re interested in helping out.
  • Our will take place on Tuesday, November 13th.  HACC event will be Wednesday the 14th.
  • Events will be: Technology Demo, Lightning Talks, Keynotes, and Networking Reception.
  • C. Andris spoke about a new group on campus that will focus on Open Street Map and humanitarian issues.
  • Undergrad GIS Coalition is part of this.  Will hold 2 Map-a-Thons per year.
  • They are looking for guest speakers.

There will be a GIS HH on Thursday, 4PM at Champs Downtown.

Next GIS UG meeting will be July 18th at 10AM in Walker Building.

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 4/19/18

Attendees: R. Baxter, R. Phillips, N. Piekielek, M. Mrsa, H. Ross, T. LaLonde, D. Meehan. Y. Bodovski, B. King.
  • ESRI passes for the 2018 International Users Conference are being worked out by Beth King from Dutton Institute.
  • R. Baxter updated the instructions on the website for requesting licenses.  This goes for instructors using licenses in courses and faculty/staff that need tools for daily tasks.  Please visit : and let us know if you have any feedback.
  • The brand new campus map is live!
  • Dan Meehan gave a brief talk about the Geodesign Program.
  • The annual PA GIS Conference is May 14-16 at the Penn Stater Conference Center in State College.  
The next  meeting will be Wednesday, May 30th in the Stuckeman Family Building.

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 1/18/18

Attendees: Y. Bodovski, H. Ross, C. Andris, J. Spayd, T. LaLonde, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, L. Goldberg, C. Brewer, J. Vendor.
  • We spoke briefly about how AGOL accounts are setup for students.  Some BMPs need to be developed for this.
  • OPP is in the process of hiring a new GIS Analyst
  • We decided to keep a formal meeting at about every 6 weeks.  Next UG meeting will be March 1st at 10AM.  Location TBD.
  • We will have a less formal HH every 6 weeks in between the formal meetings.  First HH of 2018 will be Feb 6th, 4PM at Whiskers.
  • Esri representatives will be on campus for the Spring Career Fair.
  • PSU Spring Career Days: MonTues, Feb 5-6, 11-4 at Bryce Jordan Center
  • Esri info session: Mon Feb 5, 5:45-7:45 in 229 Walker
  • Career discussion with GEOG 390 class (others welcome to attend!): Wed Feb 7, 4-5:15 p.m. in 105 Walker
  • C. Brewer did a demo of the current state.
  • Unfortunately, the SketchUp building models can’t be shared as that wasn’t written into the contract.
  • Penn Bay is using OPP GIS data but CityBird is not.
  • It is unclear how special request maps that the Gould Center has created in the past will be handled going forward.

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 10/3/17

Attendees: Y. Bodovski, H. Ross, G. Miller (esri), R. Waddel (esri), C. Andris, J. Spayd, R. Baxter, T. LaLonde, N. Piekielek, M. Mrsa, D. Meehan,  R. Phillips, J. Richendrfer. B. King.
  • Do we need a dedicated ArcGIS server for general PSU use?
  • Ridge Waddel and Geri Miller are in from the ESRI Philadelphia office to introduce themselves and give an update.
  • They are looking to add new disciplines to their support coverage.
  • Looking at Management Information Systems (MIS), data analytics and big data.
  • InCommon is needed to get single-sign-on for PSU
  • Licenses were auto renewed at the end of September 2017.
  • Website is up to date and current.  Advanced licenses are $0.
  • Named users can be easily adjusted.
  • ArcGIS Server is now wrapped under Enterprise
  • With server: real-time, big data, raster analytics, networking, hosting.
  • Professional Services offer a hosted services option for cost.

ESRI Talk & Workshop

ESRI Talk and Workshop

Esri representatives will be on campus on Monday, October 2nd. They will be providing updates on ArcGIS Pro, Esri Insights, and giving a hands-on workshop for mobile application development. This will take place in 302 Paterno. You don not need to commit to attending the entire workshop.

- ArcGIS Platform (9-10am) This part will be broadcast via ZOOM:
- Insights for ArcGIS (10:15-12noon)
- Esri Mobile Field Apps (1pm-5pm)

All attendees must sign up as spots are limited. Please enter the required information below.

• Mobile Device or tablet with internet connectivity.
• A user account on the main Penn State ArcGIS Online Organizational
account (if you don't have one, one will be provided for you).
• There are only 35 desktop computers in this lab and they will be filled on a first come, first served basis. We encourage you to bring your own laptop.

Additional information.

This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.




ArcGIS Platform: In this session we’ll discuss the ArcGIS Platform and how it can be used to deploy the Web GIS pattern – both in the cloud and in your own infrastructure. The ArcGIS software product portfolio will be presented in context of the overall platform, as well as how they integrate and work together. Concepts such as the geoinformation model, the web map, and web scenes will also be discussed.

Insights for ArcGIS: In this hands-on session we’ll explore the Insights for ArcGIS app – a new app which enables iterative and exploratory analysis of your spatial or non-spatial data. Insights provides an intuitive technology with a simple drag-and-drop UI, which enables information to be easily extracted from your data. We will learn about the various data sources we can utilize with Insights, and the possibilities that are available for analyzing this data. The deployment options for Insights for ArcGIS will be discussed as well.

– Visualize data through interactive maps, charts and tables
– Conduct spatial analytics to answer questions of your data
– Share your results with others

Esri Mobile Field Apps hands-on workshop: This is a practical hands-on session where you will learn about Esri’s mobile field Apps strategy. An overview will be presented, followed by a discussion on the detailed workflow to perform data collection in the field. You will learn how to leverage ArcGIS Online to create a hosted feature layer, then use Collector for ArcGIS to collect map-centric field data. Next, you will use Survey123 for ArcGIS to collect form-centric field data. Participants will perform these tasks and “play” with the software. After performing data collection in the field, you will be shown options on how to present your data results using the configurable application templates and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

– Create a new hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online, based on a template
– Collect field data with Collector for ArcGIS: point, line, polygon – based on map data
– Create a survey form with Survey123 for ArcGIS web designer, will be shown Survey123 Connect
– Collect field data with Survey123 for ArcGIS – a form based field data collector
– See how the field data can be “presented” in a web app, with the configurable app templates and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 9/13/17

Attendees: T. LaLonde, D. Goldberg, P. Garbini, M. Mrsa, C. Smith, J. Richendrfer, J. Vendor, C. Brewer, D. Meehan, N. Piekielek.
  • Next meeting will be October 3rd, 10AM in 103 Stuckeman Family Building
  • Esri will be on campus October 2nd for a free workshop.
  • New imagery and LIDAR is available.  Contact OPP if interested.
  • PSU GIS Coalition is active again.  
  • ELA – New contract new terms, still in purchasing, should be done by end of September.
  • A registration form will be created to handle signups.
  • Location of the event: 302 Paterno.
  • BYO Mobile Device and Laptop.  Device required, laptop not.
  • More information will be shared ASAP.
  • ELA – New contract new terms, still in purchasing, should be done by end of September.
  • Notices will go out to people that purchased last year.
  • Renews still through the license site, but no cost.
  • Pro is distributed through AGOL, enabled by admins.
  • If you need more than 100 licenses per org, let Mike Mrsa know.
  • Is it possible to get a centralized login.  Talks have been ongoing.
  • Do we need something in place that defines what the tech rep is, what the position entails?
  • Tara LaLonde provides updates 
  • Charlie Fitzpatrick from Esri Education will be a highlighted speaker.
  • Lots of folks are interested in lightning talks but slots still available.
  • Posters can be contributed, please contact Tara: TLL38@PSU.DU.


  • Campus Bird contract has been signed.
  • There are ongoing meetings, inquire to Pam Garbini (PWG3@PSU.EDU) if interested.
  • Strategic Communications Office & Enterprise IT are the two executive leads on this project.
  • There will be two map coordinators for campus.