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GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 5/24/17

Attendees:  D. Goldberg, T. LaLonde, A. Santos, P. Garbini, E. Gowen, R. Phillips, R. Baxter, Y. Bodovski, J. Vender, H. Ross, N. Piekielek,
  • Next meeting will be July 18.  Pickles Tap Room
  • Campus was flown in April.  Leaf Off, .15 foot resolution
  • LIDAR was flown too.
  • Will be available this summer on PASDA
  • Talked about the technical representatives and how the relate to UC passes
  • Who are all of the tech contacts?  How many do we have?
  • ESRI tech reps need to be held accountable.  Free pass means you have to complete XYZ.
  • Esri contacts were on campus a few weeks back. We have new higher ed reps who are eager to help out.
  • Contact info will be provided.
  • Penn Bay is working on facility data. Using In-vision.
  • Lots of issues with location IDs and the naming schema, which will be changed.
    Building number is the unique ID.
    • LionPath is driving this because of schema issues.
    • Major facility information updates are tedious and holding things up.
    • There is an effort to include outdoor spaces in the system.
  • Campus Bird is in purchasing.
    • They will be done in a few months.  Open street map in process.
  • Geography of Civil Rights movements is the theme for this year.
  • General Plan:
    • Hoping to move to Friday of geography awareness week
    • Reception at the EMS gallery
    • Geog coffee hour in Walker building.
    • Lighting talks can still happen in Foster Auditorium.
  • Who is the audience?  Students, anyone who is interested in using GIS.
  • Community building and outreach are our goals.
  • How can we attract new people to the community?
    • Low cost way of seeing what GIS is, or how it can be used.
  • Market as something other than GIS day?
    • Rebrand GIS day?  Drones, big data, data visualization?

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 4/11/17

Attendees: Mrsa, Gowen, King, Baxter, LaLonde, Ross, Vender, Meehan.
  • All are encouraged to tell friends and colleagues about this group
  • Next meeting May 24. 10AM. Stuckeman Family Building
  • Actual GIS day is November 15th, 2017.
  • Talked about moving PSU GIS Day so people can participate in other events.
  • Need to have quality giveaways
  • Need more professors to incentivize it
  • There will not be booths this year
  • What groups can we get involved?
    • Student groups?
  • We would like to get a job description together for a Gould Intern to handle aspects of this day.
    • Summer thru the Fall position.
  • Letters will go out to different units in the coming weeks
  • Desktop licenses and other software will be minimally priced
  • Students can get licenses for free

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 2/28/17

Attendees: D. Howard, Y. Bodovski, H. Ross, B. King, D. Meehan, N. Piekielek, M. Zeiders, R. Baxter, J. Richendrfer, R. Philips, M. Mrsa, P. Garbini.

  • Next Meeting – April 11th, Mad-Mex 330PM
  • Talked about standing up an ArcGIS Server instance that could serve multiple entities
  • Is it possible to collaborate together to buy server(s)?
  • Are there any existing VM instances that we can use?
Esri Enterprise License Agreement:
  • Details of new ELA are being worked out
  • Majority of cost will be covered by larger units in 5-year contract
  • New goal is to not inhibit users
Space Planning & Management and Campus Map:
  • Penn Bay (Esri partner) will be replacing the current space inventory system
  • Eventually all spaces will be connected to a master schedule/calendar
  • Campus Bird visitor maps will move forward after PB work gets started
GIS Day:
  • We are looking for ideas on how to improve GIS day and draw more people in
  • The next GIS UG meeting will focus on how we can work together to improve the day
    • What ideas do people have about speakers
    • Who would you like to see speak?
  • Build a vision and then decide how it will be planned out
    • Is it possible to put out a survey to those who came?
    • Should we have a sign up?
    • Make the networking a happy hour?

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 11/9/16

Attendees: Bodovski, Brewer, LaLonde, Meehan, Piekielek, C. Smith, Vender.
  • Chris Capelli (Esri) was here in October and met with various groups.
  • GEOG006 – New course based on Mapping Revolution MOOC.
    • Main purpose is to get folks into the GI-Science majors.
  • GEOG is working on developing an online Associates and Bachelors Degree.
  • Movement to start advanced high school AP course for GIS and T.  GEOG working on it.
  • Things are are in place and ready.

  • Info and schedule can be found here:
  • Jodi Vender will be going to Harrisburg for their GIS day events on Wednesday.
ESRI Enterprise License Agreement:
  • Mike Mrsa.  Met with Chris Capelli of Esri about ELA.
    • Potential new agreement would try and spread costs of agreement among departments.
    • Costs would be reduced for faculty/staff.
    • ArcGIS Online could be behind SSO.
  • What happens to computer labs?
  • Beth King, Mike Mrsa, main POCs for this effort.
December 20th is next meeting.  Will be more of a social event and take place at Liberty Craft House.

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 9/27/16

Attendees: Baxter, Mrsa, Brewer, Donna, LaLonde, Bodovski, Meehan, Vender.
  • Chris Capelli (esri) is coming October 7th.  Meeting with Dr. Brewer’s students as well as others.
  • Ryan Baxter Updated on the PA State Legislature Geospatial Board.
    • PASDA is part of the talk and it’s Chaired by state CIO
    • This is an Open meeting.
  • PASDA is Celebrating 20 years!
  • Library got Digital Sanborn Maps Geo Edition.  Digital Sanborn maps for cities outside of PA.
  • Parents weekend is October 15th. There will be an alumni career panel and networking session as well as an APG meeting.  This website has more information.
  • The next NAICS meeting is happening on October 19-22nd in Colorado Springs, CO.  This years “Practical Cartography Day” will be streamed live for members.   
  • The Call for Papers is out for the 2017 Esri UC.
  • The 28th International Catrographic Conference will take place in Washington DC on July 2-7th, 2017.  Deadline for abstracts is October 26th.
  • PennBay and Concept 3d (Campus Bird) will be here for Campus Map meetings on October 12 – 13.   Folks who are interested in participating should reach out to Barb Dulclos (
Esri Enterprise Site License Agreement (ELA) Update: Mike Mrsa
  • Site license has been renewed and we will need to come up with a plan for how ArGIS online Organizational Accounts will be handled and distributed.
    • How do we determine how organizational accounts will be broken out?
    • How many users for each account?
    • How are classes handled?
    • How does this all tie into desktop licensing and ArcGIS Pro?
    • Mike Mrsa will be pulling a group together to discuss this.  Policy needs to be defined.
  • Updated user agreements will go out to current users next month.
GIS Day Update
  • Plans are coming together for the events on November 14th and 15th.
  • Folks from Blue Raster will be giving the Keynote speech.
  • There will be information booths, career panel, keynotes speakers and lightning talks.
  • There will be drawing for a gift certificate and a networking reception on Monday 5-630PM.
Next Meeting is November 9th, 4PM, Whiskers Lounge at the Nittany Lion Inn.

GIS UG Meeting Minutes – 8/15/16


Attendees: Baxter, Beekman, K. Prescot, Andris, King, La Londe, Meehan, Vender, D. Howard, Mrsa, Brewer.



  • Clio Andris will be teaching a residential GIS course this Fall. GIS Skills for Research, GEOG 565.
  • Ms. Deb Howard (Facilities Resources & Planning) spoke about the on-going projects to create a visitor’s map as well as update the Facilities information Systems that is house in OPP.       Anyone interested in participating in these conversations is encouraged to contact Deb (
    • Group keeps track of all campus space this PSU owns, this includes Real Estate.
    • All floor plans are in CAD
    • System is over 15 years old (Oracle) and needs to be updated.
    • Multiple systems and platforms need to be brought together.
    • Goal is to bring in all maps associated.
    • Teams (Campus Bird and PennBay) are coming in October for additional meetings.
  • Do we have any volunteers for a talk in the next meeting?



  • Tara La Londe provided an update on GIS day, November 14-15.
  • Blue Raster is interested in providing feedback to faculty/instructors from a recruiting standpoint.
  • GIS Day Highlights include:
    • Events both Monday and Tuesday
    • Networking lunch
    • Career Panel

Next Meeting is Tuesday, September 27th, at 1030AM in the Mann Assembly Room, Paterno Library.