Penn State has an Enterprise License Agreement with Esri.  Multiple Colleges and Units across campus support this ELA, which allows faculty, staff, and students can obtain most Esri software products to install on their own machines at no cost.

There are different versions and processes for students and Faculty/Staff, please read carefully below.

ARCGIS ONLINE (AGOL): (Open to all persons with PSU Access Accounts)

  1. Visit the Penn State ArcGIS Online Organization.
  2. Click “Penn State Webaccess”.
  3. Log in using your PSU username and password.

ARCGIS PRO: (Must enable by signing into PSU AGOL as outlined above)

  1. Click here to download the latest version of ArcGIS Pro.
  2. You may need to log in and enter contact information before you can install Pro. You will not have to pay for the software.
  3. On first launch you will be prompted to sign in.  Click the “Enterprise Login” button and type “pennstate” in the box to complete the organization’s URL (
  4. Click “Continue” and then click “Penn State Web Access” and log in using your PSU username and password.

Here are screen captures to show you the windows you should see when signing in. ArcGIS Pro Sign-in

ArcGIS PRO / ArcMap / CityEngine

Current Students/Faculty/Staff can click below to get single-use (off-line) licenses for ArcMap, ArcGIS PRo and ArcGIS CityEngine.

Follow the below steps.

  1. Sign into the site. Choose either Penn State or Penn College affiliation.
  2. Click on Products at the top of the site.
  3. Choose the desired product
  4. Click the Academic Use checkbox.
  5. Click the green Order button.
  6. You will then be taken to a page containing your license file, installer and installation instructions.
  7. Download and install the software on your machine.
  8. Follow the instructions that are included to authorize your license.


To get help with installation and use of Esri software please contact to open up a support ticket. Please use the subject line “Requesting Esri Support Ticket.” After your ticket is created it will be assigned to one of Penn State’s technical support representatives.


Esri software is also available for free use in some computer labs around campus. Please visit the Classroom and Lab Computing to see availability: Remote access is also available at