As the world’s largest technical organization…

The IEEE has the resources, capabilities, and support to help you out. As the Penn State student branch, we’re here specifically for you, the Penn State students. Let us help you find opportunities to excel in engineering inside and outside of the classroom, as a student and as a professional.

We’ll bring in companies from industry who are looking to hire you, so you can interact with them in person. Get one on one face time with recruiters Interested in research? Guest speakers from both academia and industry will show you the cutting edge of technology that’s being developed in their labs and in the field. Get hands on and join us for one of our upcoming tours, whether its a nuclear reactor, a cleanroom, a wind farm – not even we know what we could possibly find!

At Penn State, you truly have the resources around you to pursue your goals. So join us, your fellow Penn Staters, and the 400,000 other IEEE Members in 150 Countries worldwide as we forward our field and our careers.

We’re students like you!

And that’s how the IEEE student branch will always be. Run by students with one faculty supervisor, we’re on your side and know what it’s like to be cranking through homework in the wee hours of the morning. Not only are we looking to forward your career, we’re trying to help you out in school. Study sessions, book trades/sales, and caffeine are examples of how the IEEE Student Branch is looking out for your career, and your GPA (can’t speak too much for your amount of sleep, but you are an engineering student you know…).

Because when it Megahertz…

We feel your pain. And as much as we love not sleeping and convolution, we also love company. The IEEE Student Branch is here to unite the Penn State electrical and computer (and really, any) engineering students through social events and fun activities to take your mind off that malfunctioning amplifier circuit. So take one night off of that semiconductor physics problem and join us for our xbox night, where we give out great prizes, or come enjoy some free food at a tailgate! We never turn down good company, and always find a way to have a good time!