About Robotics Day

Robotics Day is a way for our club to make an impact on younger generations. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for high school and elementary robotics teams to showcase their work while simultaneously exposing them to groups that work with robotics in undergraduate, graduate and industrial environments.

Currently Robotics Day consists of three events: the line follower competition, sumo wrestling, and outside presentations. The sumo competition has two tiers. In the lower tier (younger students), the teams attempt to collect four batteries and push a weight out of the circle; this weight increases as the competition continues. In the upper tier (older students), teams battle against each other with a goal of knocking the opposing robot out of the sumo circle without manual interference. In the line follower competition, robots are designed to follow a black line in the quickest time without deviating from the path. Our final event is the most important. Here, we show the students what may be in their future. We hope that in these outside presentations, our students will be able to see the promise of a love for engineering and be inspired to strive for continued efforts in the field.

Robotics Day is one of the most rewarding events we host; it is a great way to promote passion for engineering in the upcoming generation.