Welcome to the Penn State Science Policy Society!

We are here to bring scientists and the community closer together, to teach and learn about science policy and the related issues we all deal with, and to help each other with opportunities and advancements in any scientific field we wish to pursue.  The best way to bring everyone together on progressive science policy is to make sure that information is clear, accessible, and interesting.  Check back here, on Facebook, and Twitter often for news on current issues, posts from scientists in different fields, and interesting highlights from the scientific world.

If you are interested in joining, curious about what we do, or just have a question, feel free to email us at psusciencepolicy@gmail.com


Science on Tap

This month’s Science on Tap will be on August 20 at 6pm at Federal Taphouse featuring two talks on Plant Pathology. Click here for more information.

Science on Tap Workshop

SPS will be hosting a FREE one-day workshop on September 21 for students at non-University Park campuses on how to initiate a Science on Tap program at your local campus/community. It will feature panels from previous speakers and organizers, as well as free lunch and dinner! Click here for more information.

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