Undergraduate Football Student Tickets Concern


As stated in the eligibility requirements at


“Undergraduate students- Must be registered for at least 12 credits for the 2018 Fall semester…”.

As I do agree with this requirement for undergraduates, it raises a concern for me for students with special situations. According to Penn State, undergraduates are considered full time if they meet the minimum of 12 credits per semester. There are often special situations where students are considered full time from the Registrar’s Office, but do not meet the 12 credit window. This leaves them without an option to buy Penn State student season tickets.

An example of this special situation is students with an internship or co-op. There is a class that Penn State offers, ENG 295, that offers students to get credit for their work at their internship. If they take this class, they are offered between 1-3 credits for their work, but the University Registrar Office considers them full time even though they do not meet the 12 credit requirement.

My solution is to change the requirements policy for undergraduate students from needing 12 credits by a certain date, to being full time undergraduate students by a certain date. This will fulfill the current requirements while also expanding it to students with special situations that want to support their school.



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