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Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Support Graham Spanier
I was seriously appalled when former PSU executives Gary Schultz and Tim Curley pled guilty to charges of child endangerment after long-time denials. This threw former President Graham Spanier under the bus and caused irreparable harm to the University.
To provide background, there were two shower incidents on campus by Sandusky with preteen boys. The 1998 shower was reported to Penn State police, thoroughly investigated and reported to all relevant parties. This boy told Licensed Psychologist Alycia Chambers that Jerry played a squeeze your guts game where Sandusky yanked him tightly to his body. No legal action was taken, but the then DA and his computer later strangely disappeared.
In the 2001 incident, Mike McQueary happened by when Sandusky and his guest were showering. Mike could not see them, but heard slapping sounds and assumed possible sex. After Mike made noises, the boy peeked at him but showed no signs of distress. Shaken, Mike went to his parents’ home for advice. Family friend Dr. Jonathon Dranov was called. A mandated reporter, Dr. Dranov explained and questioned Mike extensively. He concluded that reporting to child welfare was not needed, but suggested that Mike report his information to Paterno, who properly passed it on.
Seven years later Lock Haven high school student Aaron Fisher with his mother reported his abuse by Sandusky to their local child welfare office. Sandusky was convicted of sexual abuse on June 22, 2012. Wrongdoing by PSU executives seems inconceivable to me. The Spanier jury was horribly mistaken. The University Senate should indicate its support for Dr. Spanier by endorsement of the above or a new resolution.
(Originally created for Centre Daily Times)