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The University Faculty Senate is the representative body of Penn State’s faculty with legislative authority on all matters pertaining to the educational interests of the University and all educational matters that concern the faculties of more than one college. In addition, the Senate is recognized by the University as an advisory and consultative body to the President on all matters that may affect the attainment of the University’s educational objectives.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am an electrical engineering senior student. I am taking a course which will have an exam held on Monday (March 23). The professor mentioned that the exam will be downloaded from canvas and students will have to post their scanned solutions on canvas in one hour and forty minutes. He also mentioned that he has no control over who helps the student solve the exam which will be unfair for other students who will solve the exam on their own. I believe if there is no exam proctoring, there should be no exams taking place for the sake of fair learning environment.


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