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L06:Ethics code in sports

  Throughout the years in the world of sports enhancement drugs has been an ongoing issue. Many professional athletes are being expose for the illegal use of enhancement drugs in major sports and colleges. Our society has questioned ethical codes in professional sports today as an ethical dilemma whereas many cannot recognize the dilemma. Athletes […]

When Ethics Codes Fail (Unit 2 Lesson 6)

A code of ethics, according to the lecture, is a standard of ethical behavior (Pennsylvania State University, 2016). While there are many different codes for many different organizations, the effective ones in my opinion have some mechanisms for enforcement. Without an enforcement mechanism, these codes of ethics simply become guidelines for the ethical members of […]

PSY 533 Unit 2 /Lesson – 6 Randy Kunkleman The American Psychology Association (APA) Code of Ethics has siblings in other professions that apply to all mankind

When I joined the Air Force in 1991 I was well aware that I was joining a profession. I would be a member of the Profession of Arms. I didn’t realize however, that I would soon be part of another profession. I joined the military with a guaranteed job as a Radiologic Technologist. After completing […]

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