Archive | March, 2016

L09: Agreeableness as a Weakness

In the research of the traits approach to leadership, the five-factor personality model (FFM) of Costa and McCrae (1992) has become popular as a result of the consensus among researchers on the basic factors that make up personality (Northouse, 2013).  These personality traits or factors are neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, openness and conscientiousness (Northouse, 2013). In an […]

U04 L08: Determining individual differences: Where to draw the line?

I was recently interviewed for a job with a high profile charity. I thought the interview process was ethical and was impressed with the way the organization assessed what individual differences I would bring to the position. According to Penn State’s ethics and leadership class, individual differences include four categories: personality, motivation, intelligence and biodata. How did […]

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