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Lesson 12 Blog- What leaders can learn from a student exchange: reality vs. research

It is interesting to hear about different cultures, the traditions, ideas, and ways that a society interacts. It is even more interesting to live in a culture you are studying and learn the nuances first hand, experience the dimensions of Hofstede through your own eyes (Hofstead & Hofstead, 2016). The question should be raised, are […]

Lesson 12 Blog – Cultural Politeness Can Cause Chaos

Culture is such a tremendous, subtle and at most times unconscious creator of attitudes and driver of behaviors that everyone who has regular contact with others outside of their own culture, professionally, socially, or recreationally could benefit immensely from  learning about it. The various cultural values one could itemize would be an endless task if […]

David James’ PSY 533 Ethics and Leadership L11 – The Great Recession and Group Think

  Thanks to bank’s insatiable appetite and greed for profits, lack of government regulation in housing industry and a group think mentality, America experienced it’s worse crisis since the Great Depression.  Dubbed, the great recession, America saw their housing values plummet.  The above video is near a section of the outer reaches of the suburbs […]

L10 | Wendy Bell – Pittsburgh News Anchor Fired for Poor Choice of Words – Crisis of Ethical Proportion?

Background The Story Wendy Bell, a veteran news anchor at WTAE, one of the big-three television news outlets in Pittsburgh, was just fired for remarks she made little more than a week earlier in a facebook post under her news anchor facebook persona.  My husband and I saw the general manager of the news station […]

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