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U02: Get Out o’ Gitmo

Guantánamo Bay, or Gitmo as it is often referred to, is the U.S. military’s primary installation for holding prisoners and terrorists of interest. Created in 1898, this containment camp has housed some of the worst offenders, including, but not limited to: Abu Zubaydah, Mohammed al-Qahtani, & Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected coordinator for the 9/11 […]

Seemed like a good idea….

As much as I would enjoy discussing the ethical issues that plagued my former place of employment, I decided against it. I tried to decide on a familiar organization afflicted with ethical dilemmas, but as I was mulling over companies I remembered Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli, and my search ended. Keep in mind I only […]

Unit 1: Turn the Money In or Not?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with an ethical dilemma. A temptation arises, their vices kick in, and they have the option… give in or stay strong? “Vices and temptations don’t typically mix well” (Penn State, n.d.). So what would you do if you were driving down a side street […]

U01: Upholding the Standard

As an Officer in the United States Navy, often I am called upon to uphold a standard in accordance with the rules and regulations. As many may know already, safety rules are typically a result of an accident or a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented. Onboard US Navy ships there is a program that […]

Unit 1: Pregnancy Discrimination at work

One of the largest department stores in the United States recently headlined in New York news for discriminating against a pregnant employee.  An employee who had reported that she was pregnant and even informed management of the “high-risk” status of her pregnancy, has been terminated for “absences” after being made to take time off of work.  […]

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