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U04: Do transgressions in one area impact leadership in others?

U04: Do transgressions in one area impact leadership in others?   One of the most charismatic leaders to emerge during the last century is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is venerated for leading nonviolent protests during the civil rights movement. His leadership was instrumental in overcoming the systemic racial discrimination of the times. He […]

U04: Personal Histories

I have been a part of many different companies with many different company policies.  Each of these policies have different ethical principles that they enforce.  Over the course of my experience I have learned that individuals within the organization I work for interpret these policies differently.  After reading about how personal histories play a role […]

Unit 04: Too Much of a Good Thing

Unit: 04: Too Much of a Good Thing   This week we dealt with personality traits and charisma. Sure, there was Cesar Chavez and Gandhi who were considered charismatic and behaved morally as House (1976) purported. But when does charisma become too much of a good thing? Take Napoleon Bonaparte for example: he was intelligent, […]

The X-Factor

I am a member of an elite tactical community within the surface community of the US Navy; I am an Integrated Air and Missile Defense Warfare Tactics Instructor (IAMD WTI). For those of you who are not familiar with this, still developing, program compare it to Top Gun for Naval Fighter Pilots. Yes, I’m talking […]

Unit 4: A Call for Diversity

Managers are constantly touted with the benefits of properly managing diverse teams. Indeed, effective diversity programs can help an organization hold a significant competitive advantage over competition, as well as lead to “improved problem solving and decision making” (Prieto et al., 2009, p. 14). However, there are many considerations and complications that may happen alongside increasing […]

U04: The Dark Side of Charisma

“Charisma was first used to describe a special gift that certain individuals possess that gives them the capacity to do extraordinary things.” (Northouse, 2016) In our lesson, we learned of leaders such as Ghandi, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy who are defined as effective charismatic leaders based on their positive impression on their followers. […]

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