Archive | December, 2016

U05: Ethical Climate and Personal Decisions

“Ethical climates refer to those in which ethical standards and norms have been consistently, clearly, and persuasively communicated throughout the organization and embraced and enforced by organizational leaders in both word and example” (Hughes et al, 2015, p 173).   As an individual who has consistently jumped from job to job, the longest one lasting […]

The Ethical Climate of Nursing and Moral Distress

The increase in technological and pharmacological projects in patient care, when patient outcomes are uncertain, have been correlated to the escalation in moral and ethical dilemmas experienced by health care providers in acute care settings. Health care research has shown that facilities that are able to attract and retain nursing staff in a competitive environment […]

The effect of organizational culture on employee behavior

Organizational culture is an important factor for an organization and it is a significant key to success in the workplace. The dangers of having a weak organizational culture include low employee motivation, employee fraud, and generally “bad” behaviors in the workplace.  Companies need to focus on the organizational culture within their workplace in order to […]

U05: Drinking Above the Standard

Being in the military the statement “leaders’ behaviors either endorse those values and culture or invalidate them” (PSU, 2016) couldn’t be more true. When a subordinate recognizes that they are being held to a higher standard while their superior isn’t quickly disrupts the military work place, especially a ship while on deployment. In 2013, while […]

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