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U02: An Ethical Model for Businesses

Businesses and financial institutions would greatly benefit from having a general national code of ethics. For large business and financial institutions, ethical behavior can be a big problem and there are laws and codes of ethics within individual companies that should be followed, but all companies should follow certain principles of ethics and a national […]

U02: Ethical Necessity in College Sports

Many organizations create unique ethical codes to help make the experiences of employees, individuals, communities, and decision making a bit easier to understand. These ethical codes are designed to more adequately prepare people and companies for situations that may arise at any given moment, providing guidelines and instructions that do not necessarily supersede the legal […]

U02 Blog: The Ethics of March Madness

It’s that time again. In just 16 days (, March Madness brackets will open, and a few days later when the tournament begins, productivity across the nation will plummet. In 2015, Fortune Magazine reported that employers could lose nearly $1.9 billion because of the more than 60 million Americans who waste company time filling out […]

U02: Ethical Issues of “Reparative” or “Conversion” Therapy

More than 20 states of the United States have laws to prevent psychologist from offering “reparative” or ‘conversion” therapy to minors on sexual orientation change efforts.  This is  based on the belief that homosexuality is a mental disorder and the patient can change their sexual orientation or gender identity. Conversion Therapy is psychological treatment or spiritual counseling designed to […]

PSY 533 Unit 2 Blog: Surgery for Grandma

Grandma is 92 years old and needs heart surgery.  The surgeon provides Grandma and her family with all the risks associated with the surgery and the anticipated recovery time.  The family loves Grandma; the thought of not moving forward with the surgery is not even a consideration.  She is quite spunky for her age, continues […]

U2: Cancer for profit

Dr. Gary Marder, dermatologist, from Port St. Lucile was wrongly diagnosing patients with skin cancer and having them undergo medically unnecessary radiation treatment, to charge insurance companies millions of dollars for the services (Moore, 2017). After several rounds of radiation, several of Dr. Marder’s patients went to see Dr. Ted Schieff for a second opinion. It didn’t […]

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